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Round table School is Dancing

Kulatý stůl Škola tančí 2017

In what way can dance help us understand physics or biology?

Round tables are a platform dedicated to reflection and sharing of opinions, they support contemplation of professionals face-to-face with the widest audiences and confrontation of practical research of choreographers and teachers from other fields. Round table: School is Dancing closes the whole educational module of the project which started in Spring in selected schools and enables the involved as well as people from wide public to provide mutual feedback. It also represents space for further theoretical development of the project and methodology.

The artist and the teacher assess the process and results of the implemented projects. At the same time foreign lecturers and artists with support of teachers confront different project philosophies, procedures, concepts and experiences of creative projects in international context.

This overview thanks to its implementation within the festival program of KoresponDancealso creates space for start of new cooperation with choreographers, partners, media, as well as wide public. Thanks to the feedback the quality and range of projects increase.

SE.S.TA shares results of Round tables also on the blog which is accessible to professional as well as general public.