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Foto: Dragan Dragin I A Corridor Piece by Billy Mullaney/USA+Niels Weijer/NL I FILLIMIT 2016/2017

How to present yourself in the context of a European festival or platform? How to present your projects? A 3 days workshop (9 hours) to learn some technics of self-promotion and effective writing.

Mara Serina (ITA)

Mara Serina, graduated with honors in Italian Modern Literature teaches Communication in different Masters. From 1995 she entered the National Association of Journalists and in 1999 she founded in Milan the Communication Agency Iagostudio, specialized in conception, organization and communication of cultural events. She  is artistic consultant in Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa curating the programme of Teatro a Corte Festival and is project manager in the regional ministery networl C.L.A.P.Spettacolodalvivo. She organizes Italian Performance Platform (6 editions), the first Italian platform of performing arts and the International Masterclass Scena Europa.