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LOStheULTRAMAR & Vysočina Seniors

Photo courtesy of Foco alAire
Photo courtesy of Foco alAire

Community projects that involve local citizens has become a traditional part of the festival and regularly win hearts of all visitors. This year when both artistic directors of the Mexican group Foco alAire producciones prepare a performance with local seniors won‘t be different. The work of Marcela and Octavio is often mixed with sensitive criticism of modern globalized world and the effort to emphasize values which we should not give up on and meaning of communication which despite the technological simplification often disappears. The involvement of seniors reflects all these topics and as such becomes an element of expression.

Place: Brewery courtyard

Foco alAire producciones (MEX)

Foco alAire producciones is a non-conform Mexican group of multi-genre artists which is co-directed by two distinctive personalities – sociologist, writer and director Marcela Sanchez Mota and Octavio Zeivy who has been since 2011 a member of the National Creators System (SNCA) FONCA. Their diverse work reflects their shared passion for visual art, cinematography, photography, music, literature and of course theatre. Marcela, Octavio and the whole company challenge you to be playful, ironic and to doubt yourself as well as others and they express opinion that theory and practice are inseparable, that physical aspects have no meaning without any intellectual content.