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Foco alAire producciones: LOStheULTRAMAR

Photo courtesy of Foco alAire
Photo courtesy of Foco alAire Photo courtesy of Foco alAire Photo courtesy of Foco alAire

The spirit of Mexico and Aztec culture passing through the streets of ŽďárnadSázavouin a form of a modern tribe will surprise you, enchant you, stir your emotions and maybe make you join the procession.

LOStheULTRAMARis a project aiming at renewal of ancient human fellowshipthatthrough sharing and confrontationstrivesfor mutual dialogue. The artistsgo out as a procession to streets and parks and communicate with passer-bys through dance, they represent a modern tribe, product of a globalized world, they wear dark suits, shoes in which you can see their toes and instead of headbands they wear on their heads an industrial aluminum protective shields. LOStheULTRAMARpresent themselves as creatures that seemingly combine contradictory traits, extreme insecurity and unbearable courtesy. Theyrepresent the estrangement of a person, the consequence of modern history and digital age which co-exists with the persisting herd mentality and primitive self-consciousness of all of us. When you encounter the LOStheULTRAMARit is difficult to knowwhat you are actually feeling, whether you are feeling entertained, embarrassed or willing to join them. Come to the streets of ŽďárnadSázavouto experience the LOStheULTRAMAR.

“The idea that the dance can still pervade us all before the evil of the current world takes place in the heart of LOStheULTRAMAR.” K. Mitchell Snow, Interdanza #12, Magazine.

Foco alAire producciones (MEX)

Foco alAire producciones is a non-conform Mexican group of multi-genre artists which is co-directed by two distinctive personalities – sociologist, writer and director Marcela Sanchez Motaand Octavio Zeivy who has been since 2011 a member of the National Creators System (SNCA) FONCA. Their diverse work reflects their shared passion for visual art, cinematography, photography, music, literature and of course theatre. Marcela, Octavioand the whole company challenge you to be playful, ironic and to doubt yourself as well as others and they express opinion that theory and practice are inseparable, that physical aspects have no meaning without any intellectual content.