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Freddy Houdenkindo
Fabrizio Varriale Photo: Compagnia Danza Flux FILLIMIT@KoresponDance 2018 Gappmaier-Dark Pool.High Potentials_credits Hanke Wilsmann Stefaniya Georgieva Eva-Maria Schaller Markéta Stránská, Photo: Dragan Dragin Laura Van Hulle

A look into various work of contemporary young authors from several countries. Which way has the contemporary dance production taken in international context? Dynamic presentation of short excerpts from already existing works or emerging drafts of future projects developed at meetings in Žďár.

FILLIMIT is an intercontinental platform for young choreographers. It supports their meeting, confrontations, cooperation, sharing information and its exchange. The platform also includes participation of several native as well as foreign promoters which will support making new professional acquaintances, residences and productions in partner countries. Presentation of choreographers at the festival will according to the choice of the author have a form of short example from an already existing choreography or of sharing drafts formed within the platform. The festival audience and guest professionals can thus look into the way of thinking, feeling, aesthetic choices and processing of a choreographic idea of young authors in a very informal, dynamic and unique way.

Place: Meeting point

Chiara Alborino

Co-artistic director of the Company Danza Flux with Fabrizio Varriale and trainer for the Scuola Elementare del Teatro of Davide Iodice. She trained in Italy and abroad studying classical, contemporary dance and theatre. In 2015 she starts a coreographic research about japanese theatre and creates La geisha che danza per amore . Since 2016 she dances in the Compagnia Korper in Naples.

Fabrizio Varriale

Artistic director of  Company Danza Flux. Dancer, choreographer and teacher of contemporary dance. He trained in Italy and abroad. He danced with international choreographers such as Teri Jeanette Weikel and Carolyn Carlson. He took part in international festivals dedicated to contemporary dance and research in Italy, France, England, Brazil, Turkey, Finland, Chile. In 2016 he was selected as choreographer by the National Academy of Dance in Rome.

Eva-Maria Schaller

Studied Ballet at the Vienna Opera School and completed her studies in Contemporary Dance at the Codarts University Rotterdam (NL). During and after her studies she performed in works by Emio Greco, Edan Gorlicki, Stephen Shropshire and Anouk van Dijk, in Europe, USA and Asia. In Vienna she collaborated with Christine Gaigg in several productions at steirischer herbst, Impulstanz, Wien Modern, Tanzquartier Wien, in Munich she collaborates with Sabine Glenz and the Munich Philhamonic Orchestra and in 2016 received a scholarship for dancers and choreographers from the State of Austria. As a Countertechnique-teacher she is invited to teach in various contexts, such Tanz die Toleranz, Tanzquartier Vienna, Tanzhaus Zürich, Codarts and Kampnagel Hamburg K3. In her own choreographic projects, she brigdes dance to other fields – spoken word, visual art and collaborates with artists in the field of experimental new music; her current work „Vestris 4.0“  is supported by the city council of Vienna and shown at imagetanz festival brut wien

Alicie Thomas

After a dance education in Ballet and Contemporary dance as well as Theater, in the Conservatoire de musique et de danse de Toulouse, Alice Thomas followed a Theater and a Dance Bachelor in University (Toulouse 2 and Paris 8). In 2014, in Germany (Essen), she founded the Ensemble Agbaza with Juliette Adrover, Freddy Houndekindo and Anouk Orignac. Within this group driven by a collective mind and a knowledge pooling, she develops her artistic research feeds on theatrical, musical and plastic influences and meetings. 

Anouk Orignac

Studied contemporary dance in Conservatoire de musique et de danse de Toulouse and the modern dance at the Folkwang University in Essen. She works among others with the choreographers Malou Airaudo, Szu Wei Wu, Mark Sieczkarek and Rainer Behr. In 2017, she joins the Folkwang Tanz Studio compagny in Essen, under the artistic direction of Rodolpho Leoni. Choreography quickly kept her attention and in 2015, beside three other emerging artists, she founds the Ensemble Agbaza and together they signed several choreographic pieces which are presented in different festivals between France, Germany, Lithuania, Slovenia. 

Freddy Houndekindo

Freddy Houndekindo, started to dance in the street exploring HipHop and ElectroDance, until he reached international dance school, as the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon and the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen. He worked with choreographers and artists as Malou Airaudo, Anne Martin, Heiner Goebbles, Reut Shemesh, Samir Akika, Neco Çelik, Eszter Salamon, Sharon Fridman and the filmmaker Sylvia Borges. Since 2014 he is a dancer of the Urban- dance ensemble Pottporus Renegade in Bochum, and in the same time, with Juliette Adrover, Anouk Orignac and Alice Thomas he found the ensemble Agbaza. As ensemble Agbaza they are developing the “ Rhizoma Method “ inspired from two French philosophers: Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. They created a concept out of the biological organization of a plant which is call « Rhizome ». 

Badi Rezzak

Born in 1990, Badi Rezzak begins his artist's route in Ecole de la Villa Arson in 2010 in Nice. He will there discover the great courtyard : the italien cinema, the dance, the experimental music. He decides to see more and further and he pursued his studies in Bruxelles. There, he meets Chritophe Wavelet, critic and curator, who introduces him the art of performance. Today his work is primarily based on the investigation of his algerian origins. He collects gestures, attitudes, and catches them into sculptures, writings, performative propositions. 

Elena Kofiná

Studied at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome and at the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen, where in 2016, she attained her Master in dance pedagogy. Since her studies as a dancer, she had the possibility to work in Germany and in Italy with choreographers like Pina Baush, Samir Akika, Norbert Steinwarz, Johannes Wieland, Kuo Chu Wu, Caterina Genta, Beatrice Libonati, Paolo Fossa, Mara Tsironi and Freddy Houndekindo. Interested in the reconstruction of repertory pieces she worked with Jim May and Libby Nye on the piece "Rooms " of Anna Sokolov and "A Choreographic Offering" of José Limon. Her interest of rediscovering the old tradition of dance is accompanied by the curiosity of the exploring the development of movement and body expression in the present time and society. Bringing theatre and somatic expression in non conventional spaces is an element recurring in her artistic research and experience as in her own piece “Gebrauchsanweisung” and her solo "Istruzioni per" developed between 2012 and 2013. 

Inge Gappmaier

Inge is a choreographer, dancer, dance-pedagog and researcher based in Vienna. Her main interest is the research on the human body and its contemporary self-conception within concrete, imagined and projected environments and structures. She studied Choreography and Performance at the Institut for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen (DE), Contemporary Dance-Pedagogy at the Konservatorium Wien University (AT) and the University for Dance and Circus in Stockholm (SE). In 2016 she received the DanceWEB-Scholarship at the international ImpulsTanzFestival in Vienna.

Laura Van Hulle

Following training at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Laura worked with ACE dance & music, Shobana Jeyasingh, Coda Dance, Keneish Dance, Motionhouse, Rutherford Dance Company, Room 2 Manoeuvre, Aakash Odedra (Rehearsal Director). Laura currently works closely  with Sonia Sabri Company & Autin Dance Theatre, Often In collaboration. She is a nationally recognised dance artist with a strong teaching reputation in the West Midlands, working regularly with DanceXchange (lead teacher contemporary and ballet). In 2013 Laura received ACE her first R&D funding for dance film project ‘Angles In Life’, which led to her establishing Vanhulle Dance Theatre (VDT) in 2014. Her first full full-length production ‘Angles In Life’ toured nationally in 2015. She created a short dance film of the same name, which continues to tour internationally to film festivals e.g. Pool 15 (Berlin), Dance Film Festival UK (London) & Dance on Film, 2018 Women in Dance Leadership Conference (New York), Jan 2018. 2016 was a year of artistic professional development for Laura:
Selected to work with DV8 Company in Berlin for 2 weeks, learning the methods they use in creating dance and movement.
Awarded the Choreographer strand of Choreomatch, an extension of BDN’s ‘Introducing’.
 Selected for a flying low program with Vangelis Legakis & worked with The Van- L Dance Company in Hong Kong. She was selected for the International Choreography Platform in Shanghai, performing a solo version of ‘Infinite Womanhood’. In 2017 Laura undertook an R&D for ‘Infinite Womanhood’, funded by ACE and DanceXchange, from whom she was awarded a Residency Choreography Award. Laura was commissioned by Lighthouse (Poole), to create a site- responsive work ‘Echo’, now touring nationally and most recently performed at Birmingham Weekender. Laura teaches Nationally and Internationally and keeps developing new and creative ways on how to reach people. Last Project was the Young Composers project Through Birmingham City University where she worked with Young Composers through Dance and Choreography. 

Markéta Stránská

Choreographer, performer and physiotherapist. She joined the world of contemporary dance in 2012, when she started attending the "Simulante Bande" Dance Studio at the Archa Theater in Prague. This was based on a performance of the same name linking professional dancers and artists with physical disabilities (VerTeDance, 2012). In 2015, as a performer, she was invited to collaborate on the performance ofChybění(Jaro Viňarsky and VerTeDance, 2015) and in 2016, for the same performance, she was nominated “Dancer of 2015” by the international jury of the Czech Dance Platform in Prague. In August 2017, she took part in the project "Residence for choreographers with coaching" organised by the Center for Choreographic Development SE.S.TA. in Prague.

Ivan-Alexander Ivanov

Ivan is a Bulgarian artist who is working in the field of contemporary art, photography, video, street and social art since 2011. Ivan-Alexander initiates a couple of platforms such as Photocorps, Mobile Workshop, Factory for Urban Art, and etc. in Bulgaria. For the last two years, he did participate in international projects for urban art, social design and art interventions in Thessaloniki and Vienna. The focus of photography work is the social environment and street photography. 

Kalina Georgieva

Kalina is a Bulgarian freelance dancer based in Sofia. She graduated in Ballet at National School of Dance Art in Sofia in 2016. Since then she is part of ATOM theatre company and has participated in various international dance projects such as Helga_Underground and Village - Lili Jungin Lee / Choreographer / South Korea / Linz, ATOM Choreographic Series#1 / Sofia / and Euroculture projects / France. /

Stefaniya Georgieva

Stefaniya is a Bulgarian choreographer and performer based in Sofia; a co-founder of ATOM theatre company. Stefaniya graduated with a BA in Puppetry at National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia (Bulgaria). During her education she was inspired of the base concept of the puppetry – many people who breathe as one, move as one, think as one and see through the eyes of a lifeless object with a desire to bring it to life. That concept of the collective body, motion, and mind is the base of her explorations. Stefaniya's professional choreographic debut was in 2013. Since then, she has created more than 5 works which were presented in Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Montenegro, Turkey, Macedonia, Germany, and Greece.