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Lali Ayguade Company: Incognito

Photo: Win Lanser
Photo: Win Lanser

Parts of this duet appearin the short movie called TIMECODE which won La Palma de Oro in Cannes, a Goya and a Gaudí and was nominated for an Oscar.

Duet Incognito is a highly detailed artistic choreography,fascinating with harmony of movement poetry, fluency, emotions and modernity evokes almost a hypnotic experience. Incognito is unrestrained and at the same time cultivated , full of energy but also gentle. Watching two brilliant dancers play and flow with ease through space will not leave any spectator calm, every moment is extraordinary and fascinating with richness of movement form. Choreographer LaliAyguadéportrays with dance and artistic dialogue the confrontation of specificity and abstraction in a way we experience them every day and brings the spectator a real cultivated experience.

„Our bodies end up being small in the space after all, but our imagination gives us the chance to go above the physical boundaries and make everything limitless. Our mind has a underestimate power and it’s a precious tool that makes everything you connect with your body become another path to research and reach virtuosity“ Lali Ayguadé.

Lali Ayguadé Company (ESP)

The dancer and choreographer LaliAyguadéis from Barcelona but works around the world. She has participated in many international projects and often cooperates on productions of contemporary circus (Baród'Evel, Joan Ramon Graell-president of the Professional Circus Association in Barcelona, acrobat Julian Sicard). In 2012 she created trio Little Me for Festival Mercatde les Flores in Barcelona and on the occasion of Ramon Llula‘sanniversary she prepared with Joan Catalàand JordiMolina the project Encontre. She was nominated for Critics Awards of London in 2010 as „extraordinary dancer“ and in 2014 as the „best author“. In 2016 she was nominated as the best dancer for the Critics Award „Recomana.cat“. She starred in a short film TIMECODE which won La Palma de Oroat the Cannes festival, Goya award, Gaudíaward and in 2016 it was nominated for anOscar.Lalicooperated also with Slovak choreographer Anton Lachky, one of the founder of the dance group Les Slovaks.