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Bachtale Kale Phrala: Urban Folklore

Bachtale Kale Phrala
Vahe Bachtale Kale Phrala J.K. Sanchez

Bachtale Kale Phrala means singing and dancing. It is pure joy of movement and distinctive style where each dancer is a unique phenomenon of the group. You will be drawn into the world of street dance in a rather unusual form.

Street dance performance full of funk and soul rhythms as well as American ballroom dances of the 1960‘s till 1990‘s. It is a passionate show where game as such and joy of movement are basic elements of the whole production. Four members of BKP will show entertaining and dynamic show tailored to the space of Brewery court.

Bachtale Kale Phrala

Roma-Armenian dance group focusing on Afro-American dances of the 1970‘s and 1980‘s. By connecting the original folklore rhythm and sounds it creates its own view on funk and soul dances.

Vahe „Wahe“ Akopjan

One of the most successful Czech urban dancers, teacher and urban styles choreographer. As a dancer he cooperated with KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, 50 Cent. He is a winner of the international meeting SDK 2016 in House Dance and finalist of JusteDebout2008, 2017, 2018. Scriptwriter, technical supervisor and one of the makers of the 8 parts of educational series StreetStarDancewhich was co-organized by Czech Television. Together with J.K. Sanchez he created theproject The Clowns. He is a founding member of the creative group „Team diVize“.

J.K. Sanchez

Dancer, choreographer, actor, DJ. International dance teacher (Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine, France, etc.), beginning actor: awarded at the 48 Hour FilmProject film festival as „best actor“. Roles in the prepared films and shows:Outlaws, Darlings, Last Christmas. He has his own program on stream.cz: Streamsteps, together with WaheAkopjanhe foundedthe comedian dance-theatre duo: The Clowns.