International festival of modern dance and physical theatre
3.–5. 7. 2015, Žďár nad Sázavou

L.U.MEN / Beau Geste (FR)

Night show for three performers and a hydraulic lift...

Beginning of the performance:

4. 7. 2015

  • 22.00

Place: Pilská Dam

The protagonist in L.U.MEN is a hydraulic lift, with a projector attached to it. From this combination is born a one-eyed Cyclop-like creature capable of observing multiple views, from a close-up, to high-up or from far away. The creature shows us a space, a movement, a desire, an emptiness, and a person and their feet through a journey. It can hide in a shadow and play with light and darkness from which it appears suddenly in the least expected moment. It can be slow as well as incredibly fast. It knows how to surprise us and creates breath-taking moments. L.U.MEN cleverly combines dance with acrobatics, light and darkness, movement and peace. It creates vibrant dynamic atmosphere similar to cinema experience with use of spot lights and other technics.

With the support of: Le Pacifique | CDC - Centre de Développement Chorégraphique de Grenoble et Le M.I.N de Grenoble

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