International festival of modern dance and physical theatre
3.–5. 7. 2015, Žďár nad Sázavou

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History of the Chateau Žďár in points

Museum of a New Generation

Forget dull and dusty interpretative showcases. This exceptional museum originated in Cistercian monastery, a former brewery in Žďár. It offers an exciting return to history based on perceptions and feelings, so that environment encourages the visitor to discover. Visitor experiences are enriched, as they are lead with scenography experiences. This all-encompassing experience is enhanced by video projections and music. Staging the history of Žďár, tales of the personalities whose knowledge was imprinted into buildings or statues, based on historical facts visitors are given the opportunity to evoke emotions and curiosity from within.

Expositions represent three key periods in Žďár monastery and castle grounds. The first part goes back to the 13th century, the period of establishment of the Cistercian monastery. The second part of the exhibition takes visitors to the Baroque period when the monastery in Žďár enjoyed unprecedented prosperity. During this period you will meet baroque Zdar nad Sazavou and his great intellectual, artistic and economic prosperity. Cabinet of Curiosities is the last part of the exhibition, which combines historical and contemporary elements. Historical trend towards today's new prosperity of the Žďár complex conveys impressive mapping.

This museum of a new generation is opening in late summer 2015. More information can be found at