International festival of modern dance and physical theatre
28. 6. 2016 Prague, 8.–10. 7. 2016, Žďár nad Sázavou

Contigo / Compagnie O Último momento – João Paulo Dos Santos (PRT/FR)

Duet for the Portuguese artist and a Chinese pole…

Beginning of the performance:

8. 7. 2016

  • 22.00

Place: Amphitheatre Pilák Meeting Point

How can the vertical line pierce through our everyday life? Can we easily fall down, to the ground? João Paulo Santos has answers for us. Duet for the Portuguese artist and a Chinese pole. The man and the Chinese pole – a vertical line piercing the Earth and the Skies without compromise. A solid pole as a firm structure contrasts the elasticity of a body. „My aim is not to ask a question: to be or not to be a dancer – but to be in harmony with the pole and my own body,“ says João. However, in his collaboration with a famous choreographer Rui Horta he clearly proves his qualities as a dancer. The result is an acrobatic dance routine in the space between the earth and heaven, where dance merges with adrenaline of new circus.

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