International festival of modern dance and physical theatre
28. 6. 2016 Prague, 8.–10. 7. 2016, Žďár nad Sázavou

Round table discussion on Dance in Schools project – for teachers, choreographers and parents

Come and share your ideas and experience, and find out more about the Dance in Schools…


9. 7. 2016

  • 15.00

Place: Meeting point Meeting Point

Dance in Schools was founded and aims to change the view of a school curriculum from the perspective of physical arts, through body and dance. The project deals with many issues on multiple levels. This round table discussion is organised to share our experience from the project implementation with people from Czech schools, artistic field as well as foreign visitors of Korespondance festival, who use similar principles in their countries. This round table discussion will bring together dancers Marta Vodenková Trpišovská, Jan Bárta, Zdenka Brungot Svíteková, Bára Látalová and Jana Bitterová, teachers Gabriela Buchtová, Petra Vykydalová, Iveta Klementová, Eva Hořínková and guests from abroad, like dancer and teacher Sophie Billy among others. You are also invited to come witness the presentation of the project results realized at schools in spring 2016 in the end of the discussion. Come and share your ideas and experience, and find out more about the Dance in Schools. Discussion is open to general public. We would particularly welcome heads of schools, teachers, choreographers and parents.

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