International festival of contemporary dance and physical theatre
7.–10. 7. 2017, Žďár nad Sázavou

Handa Gote / Instalation and performace based on Mutus Liber (CZ)

A performance inspired by the alchemy book first published in 1677…

Beginning of the performance:

7. 7. 2017

  • 18.00

Place: Meeting point Meeting Point

The Mutus Liber performance (“Silent Book”) by Handa Gote company is inspired by the book on alchemy first published in 1677, which without words shows how to obtain the philosopher’s stone.

Intricate images and illustrations of multiple phases of the creation process make it possible for us to conjure up worlds of work, handicraft and DIY in today’s world that slowly, but certainly turns (in)to virtual reality and substitutes for physical reality. Come join us to travel back in time to the Baroque period, full of real experiences and mysticism ever present in everyday life. At four locations, you can watch the progress of work that never ends, you can come and go and let your own curiosity decided.

Support: Ministery of Culture CR, City of Prague, Motus, Production of Theatre Alfred ve dvoře, Baševi o. p. s. and
Thanks: Patrick Toussaint

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