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Performance by Children from the KoresponDance Creative Camp


Performance by Children from the KoresponDance Creative Camp

The theme of FORESTS AND WATER extended to the children at this year’s KoresponDance Creative Camp, held annually on the castle grounds in the week before the festival. Can water dance? Can you juggle in the forest? And what about the eye of the camera? Through dance, circus disciplines and animation techniques, the children have discovered their inner artists and turned their discoveries into a performance made just for today! Join them to celebrate the joy of creation and experience a surge of unbridled positive energy. 


Under the artistic leadership of: Marta Vodenková Trpišovská, Zdeněk Durdil, Dorothea Hofmeister and Ludvík Polák. 

Coordinator: Eva Papánková

Running time: 30 minutes

Suitable for all ages

Venue: Apple Garden (Forota)


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