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Bollwerk - DOWNHILL


DOWNHILL DOWNTOWN DOWNRIVER is a unique, site-specific dance performance in three parts that will take you from the hill of Zelena Hora through Tokoz factory to the water of Pilak. Take on the role of spectator and active participant and treat yourself to an experience that opens new perspectives and changes your perception of urban reality.

On Friday, Andrea Boll and her company take on the vast, grassy hills and fields of Green Mountain (Zelená hora). Saturday brings us to the Tokoz factory. How will a factory environment change under the influence of Bollwerk's dance and improvisational art? Will it remain a lock factory, or become a creative and inspiring place? The trilogy ends on Sunday, by the water, in the Pilák recreational area. This unusual walk will test our instincts in exchange with the environment in which we find ourselves. En route to each destination, we'll discover and explore the "human condition" of the given locale. Through an innovative approach, Bollwerk encourages active observation and interactive public participation, including the spontaneous, unforeseen (re)actions of random passers-by. Discover Žďár and its public spaces from a different perspective.


Choreography: Andrea Boll

Dancers: Andrea Boll, Chris de Feyter, Emeric Rabot, Dina Sennhauser

Music: Alex Zampini, Simeon ten Holt a.o.

Running time: 20 minutes

Suitable for ages: 10+

Venue: Zelená hora

Andrea Boll
creates works for the stage, public space and natural environments with Bollwerk. She also makes dance films (bollwerkfilm) and works internationally as a choreographer and dance lecturer. She was artistic director of the Dutch Hans Hof Ensemble, as well as a dancer and choreographer. With this collective and, later, with Bollwerk, she has made a number of internationally successful works, winning the Dutch Choreography Prize, among others. 

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