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Cirque Inextremiste: Damoclès


A performance where you are the creator - or even the hero!

Risk exists: always and everywhere. Risk-taking lends variety and uniqueness to our lives. In interaction with others, this experience can become a game where we test our limits, trust one another and share the joy of overcoming (apparent) obstacles together. 

In this interactive performance, the audience takes control of their comfort - and discomfort - zones. Listening naturally to a group of individuals leads them to act collectively when confronted with a potential obstacle. The shared experience of danger is extremely powerful and raises profound questions. Can we trust each other and respond together when faced with difficulty? Do we all have the potential to lead the group? Is there a playful way to meet risks with a smile? Yes! And that is why we invite you to participate in Damoclès, where you will all play the main role together!


Concept: Yann Ecauvre

Performed by: Delphine Dupin

Technical director: Fabrice Dominici

Production: Jérôme Souchet

Running time: 50 min

Suitable for ages:  6+

Venue: Apple Garden (Forota)


The ensemble was established in 1998 under the name As Pa de Maišoun. They quickly acquired a tent space, where they combined dance, street arts and music.The performance Inextremiste was born in 2007 around trampolines and gas cylinders and was performed by Yann Ecauvre, a unique, self-taught artist. In 2009, the ensemble was renamed Cirque Inextremiste with Yann Ecauvre as artistic director. 

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