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Marije Nie’s Poetry of Steps: Trav’lin Light in Darker Days


A dance concert by Dutch tap-dancer Marije Nie invites spectators for a musical walk. On the way, they’ll encounter the many faces of tap dance and its history, along with the artist’s own colourful story.

Poetry of Steps is a metaphor for the thousands of steps we take each day. They are the soundtrack, or music, of our lives, resounding through our journeys, step by step.  At the same time, the concert tells the story of tap dance’s turbulent beginnings, including its shared roots with jazz, and invites the audience to experience a dancer’s collaboration with a jazz trio. Marije’s feet become percussion instruments that create stopping grooves, daring syncopation and whispered rhythms. Become a part of the story and dance through KoresponDance festival with us!


Marije Nie: tap

Anton Jakimenko: woodwinds

Mike del Ferro: keyboard

Andreas Kühne: electronic instruments

Running time: 60 min

Suitable for ages:  12+

Venue: Apple Garden (Forota)


Marije Nie is a professional tap-dancer, musician, performer, lecturer, artistic researcher and producer. She has worked internationally for over 25 years, bringing contemporary tap dance to music, film and theatre contexts and is equally at home dancing on concert stages and conference tales around the world. She invites leading professionals in their fields to collaborate with her and has now joined forces with three excellent jazz musicians.

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