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Hippana.Maleta: RUNNERS


Experience a true circus show that celebrates juggling and running. Two jugglers find themselves bound by the rules of treadmills as a musician conducts them through a series of games and experiments.

Running is an incredibly effective form of human movement. Have you ever wondered how many muscles are involved in running, or how many nerve pathways between the head and the legs are used in each jump? How much bodily coordination is involved in something that seems to happen so automatically? Juggling is a similar phenomenon. RUNNERS was created to celebrate the evolution of human walking and throwing in a culture that is moving less and less. This circus show combines great juggling, amazing objects and incredible sounds. Let's have fun together!


Creative team: Alex Allison, Jonas Schiffauer

Performers: Alex Allison, Jonas Schiffauer, Moisés Mas García

Music and sound arrangement: Moisés Mas García

Dramaturgy and choreographic collaboration: Benjamin Richter, Darragh Mc Loughlin, Anna-Katharina Andrees, Marie Lena Kaiser

Scenography: Alex Allison, Jonas Schiffauer, Moisés Mas García

Costumes: Liora Epstein

Running time: 60 min

Suitable for ages: 5-99 

Venue: Pilak/Amphitheatre

The performance will be followed by a discussion moderated by Ondřej Cihlář.


Established in 2018, Hippana.Maleta uses a foundation of  juggling, object manipulation and the body to research aspects of the human state. Joining forces with multi-instrumentalist Moisés Mas García (ES), jugglers Alex Allison (IE) and Jonas Schiffauer (DE) investigate and share their vision of circus, poetry and performance. 

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