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12.30 p.m.

Workshop: House Dance
Foto: Dragan Dragin
Farah Deen

Austrian dancer Farah Deen will teach you the foundations of house dance in combination with improvisational techniques and freestyle concepts. Farah organises various dance battles, is co-founder of the Flavourama Festival and runs the Potpourri organisation, which supports Hip Hop across Austria. You can also see Farah onstage with Olivia Mitterhuemer and the choral ensemble Žďáráček in the new project ŽďárUrban. Farah is a wonderful artist, in Austrian street dance and beyond. Come and dance with her! Beginners and advanced dancers are welcome!

Make your reservation here. Workshop is free. 

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Studo ALTA – Západní křídlo Invalidovny
Sokolovská 136/24, Praha 8

ENTRY IS FREE, but you have to make your reservation to workshop and People-Power-Partnership (Vzlet):

Farah Deen (AT) is one of the co-founders of Flavourama Festival. She is based in Vienna, Austria, and works as a freelance performer, dance teacher and choreographer. In 2006 she co-founded the association „Potpourri -  an organization for Hip Hop dance & youth development“ in Austria. After completing her studies in law and economics, she dedicated herself to dance full-time. With the company Hungry Sharks she was performing in places such as Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Rumania, UK, Sri Lanka and San Francisco. In 2018, Farah Deen, received the international scholarship for dancers and choreographers from Austria, and in 2019, the AIR scholarship from the city of Salzburg for her dance research in New York City. In the yearbook «tanz» 2018 - magazine for ballet, dance and performance - Farah Deen was chosen to be rewarded with the title "Hope carrier 2018". As Red Bull Dance opinion leader, Farah Deen is teaching Hip Hop and House all over Austria to encourage youngsters to grow in their dance. In 2019 Farah Deen produced her first two short pieces "Arielle" (30 min.) and "Houseward Bound" (20 min.), which where performed in ARGEkultur Salzburg and Brunnenpassage Wien.