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9.30 p.m.

Summer Dance Cinema: Human and Place

RIFF – R.E.D. International Film Festival / dance-art-cinema

Under the stars of Žďár, KoresponDance presents a series of seven short films that will transport you to Japan, Norway, the Netherlands…

It doesn’t matter what country you were in - this year, we all had a similar experience. Come catch a glimpse of loneliness and relationships infused with poetry… These artists use dance, beautiful natural scenery and urban environments as beautiful images. Plunging us into our own sensibilities, the stories they tell us may be large or small, narrative or abstract, but always beautiful. 

Many thanks to our partner, R.E.D International Film Festival (RIFF), for giving us the chance to see thesecinematic gems and to Ella Fiskum for moderating the KoresponDance summer cinema!