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Barely Methodical Troupe: Bromance

Photo: Chris Nash
Photo: Chris Nash Photo: Chris Nash Photo: Chris Nash Photo: Chris Nash Photo: Chris Nash Photo: Chris Nash Photo: Chris Nash Photo: Chris Nash Photo: Chris Nash

Top of the world‘s contemporary circus scene, mixture of acrobatics, dance, parkourand other disciplines, entertaining, exciting, intelligent show uplifting circus into new dimension.

Bromanceis a fascinating, carefree and immensely entertaining show where content and form are in absolute balance. Bromancetells with humor a story about male relationships, what it means to be a man in today‘s society, about competition, craziness, about malicious changes of strength where handshakes become handstands and backslaps become backflips.Bromanceis a cultivated and exciting presentation of strength and top-quality heroic performances accompanied by great soundtrack. Bromancerepresents a mixture of chemistry, wit and extraordinary skills in parkour,Bboying, tricking, hand-to-hand acrobatics, Cyr wheel and others. KoresponDancebrings these three excellent artists and their show to the Czech Republic for the first time giving the audiences an opportunity to experience their breathtaking show.

Place: Amphitheater Pilák

„astonishing circus skills“ Time Out

smartly crafted and highly entertaining“ Times, London

„Barely Methodical Troupe could teach Isaac Newton a thing or two about gravity.“ The Stage

„A touching, thoughtful show about being male.“ The Financial Times

Barely Methodical Troupe (UK)

Barely Methodical Troupe is an experimental circus group of acrobats and dancers who show fascinating physical fitness in combination with dazzling spirit and unique style. They are excellent in combining hand-to-hand acrobatics with the Cyr wheel technique and street acrobatic skills. BMT is one of the hottest and most desired contemporary British circus groups. Its members were led to the circus art by desire to overcome their limits, thanks to an extraordinary combination of disciplines they started to perceive artistic creation and work with their own competences in a new way. BMT won the Circus MaximusAward (2013), Total Theatre (2014) and Jackson's Lane Award for Circus at the Edinburgh Festival.