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Foco alAire producciones: “theAUDITION" SALÓN ConTinenTaL

Photo courtesy of Foco alAire
Photo courtesy of Foco alAire Photo courtesy of Foco alAire Photo courtesy of Foco alAire Photo courtesy of Foco alAire Photo courtesy of Foco alAire

Internationally acclaimed group of multi-talented artists that have performed their projects on many world festivals bring colorful festival show which will make you laugh and think and above all wonderfully entertain you.

„theAUDITION“ SALÓN ConTinenTal is a colorful show full of life, brilliant humor and movement and comedian skills. Its magic is a result of perfect movement and visual interpretation of an unfamiliar voice that thanks to unrelenting precision of the interprets becomes an interpretation of emotion, personalities and relationships. The main character is the Voice and the main goal is to re-define its meaning. „theAUDITION“ SALÓN ConTinenTal is the personification of festival entertainment, playfulness and vividness which at the same time does not give up on a contemplative mode. Come and have fun thinking about question what our own voice is really telling about us.

“It is not only dance, it is not theater, it is not dance-theater, but there is dance and there is theater, there is a scene, there is a spectacle”… “Anyone who approaches to “laAudición” Salón Continental would have to go there with his eyes open, his ear willing and his playful soul to be touched by this proposal without the pre-judgments of what contemporary dance or theater should be today.” Silvia Peláez, dramatist

Foco alAire producciones (MEX)

FocoalAireproduccionesis a non-conform Mexican group of multi-genre artists which is co-directed by two distinctive personalities – sociologist, writer and director Marcela Sanchez Motaand OctavioZeivywho has been since 2011 a member of the National Creators System (SNCA) FONCA. Their diverse work reflects their shared passion for visual art, cinematography, photography, music, literature and of course theatre. Marcela, Octavioand the whole company challenge you to be playful, ironic and to doubt yourself as well as others and they express opinion that theory and practice are inseparable, that physical aspects have no meaning without any intellectual content.