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Gobi Dance Company: Volitant

Photo: Piti Marcell
Photo: Piti Marcell Photo: Piti Marcell

Volitant could be considered a sci-fi remake of the Dying Swan, it is a solo of immense discipline. It will be performed in the New Generation Museum with extraordinary atmosphere. AerowavesTwenty18 in London included the Volitantin the twenty best dance performances in Europe.

Volitantis a fascinating solo of choreographer and dancer Rita Góbiwinning one award after other. Last year Volitantwas awarded the Special Prize of the 10 SentidosFestival in Valencía, this year it was selected by AerowavesTwenty18 as one of the twenty best dance performances in Europe. Rita through enlarged micro-movements evokes the state between: „not here anymore“ and „not there yet“. Amazing precision and virtuosity, strictly minimalistic choreographic tools and dynamic tension connected to original score by DávidSzegőcomposed of sounds of the Morse code make Volitanta compact theatre experience. Volitantwill be performed in New Generation Museum where the extraordinary atmosphere of the performance will be underlined by lights.

Place: Meeting point

"This is a solo of great discipline, flawless from start to finish, without an iota of idleness. It is concise and compact.” Csaba Králl, critic

“It is hard to talk about Góbi’s performance without talking about her, as Rita Góbi and her performance are one and the same.” Márta Péter, Tánckritika 

"Rita Góbi's explosive solo dance is filled with subtle associations: it is not hard to discover a futuristic interpretation, a kind of science-fiction remake of the Dying Swan: but instead of soft and lyrical tunes, it is performed to Dávid Szegő's harsh, repetitive and robotic noise sounds.”  Tamás Halász, Színház

Rita Góbi (HUN)

Rita Góbi is a dancer and choreographer who ceaselessly examines dance styles and languages. She was born in Serbia, graduated at the dance academy in Budapest and participated in many international  competitions and residence programs, for example the American residence OMI DANCE Residency or residence VARP of the Centre of Choreographic Development SE.S.TA – KoresponDance. At the beginning, Rita cooperated with several Hungarian dance groups and the movie director MiklosJancs. In 2006 she founded the Gobi Dance Company. Rita was awarded many times: AerowavesTwenty18, Pro Futuroat the VeszprémDance Festival and The Prize for the best solo at the Solo Dance Festival in Budapest (OrkestikaFoundation), in 2014 she was nominated for the Elle Young Talent Award, in 2015 she won the Best Dance Performer Award in category Contemporary Hungarian Dance and won the second prize at the 3....2....1....Dance Competition in Krakow.