International festival of modern dance and physical theatre
3.–5. 7. 2015, Žďár nad Sázavou

Sticker / Halka Třešňáková
and Jan Bárta (CZ)

“As we all know every new game starts from the first round and even if we could play it for the whole life we will always start it from the beginning”

Beginning of the performance:

3. 7. 2015

  • 20.00

4. 7. 2015

  • 18.30

Place: Meeting point Meeting Point

We decided to research different principles and effects of social- psychological games played in our daily lives. Specifically, what are the consequences of modifying the given rules during a harmless game. Our kick off is played in the frame of intimate relationship between Tresnakova and Barta by help of two chosen co-players. At first clear and transparent rules are slowly changing into the confusing communication labyrinth. Sudden slip of the evening is hardly understandable. Everybody all of a sudden sees that duo Tresnakova-Barta is not playing any game, actually they don`t want to play any game at all.

„They know each other so well therefore they love and hate each other so much. The word respect doesn´t exist anymore. They are far beyond the edge.“

From a review of Laura Marx during Performing V4 – Biennial:
Sticker isn’t a simple comedy about a hopeless married couple. It is about the structures, energies andaesthetics of our life, and about the extreme crossovers of these material, emotional, and ontological structures. As Jan said: „It is mostly about the games we are playing in our intimate relationships. It is based on the duality between man and woman. We tried to apply a sort of clockwork system game, through which we are showing the borders between what is usually understood as private and as public in relationships, and we are shifting this border into an extreme.”

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