International festival of modern dance and physical theatre
28. 6. 2016 Prague, 8.–10. 7. 2016, Žďár nad Sázavou

Festival KoresponDance 2016 Opening

Thanks to you KoresponDance 2016 is alive!


8. 7. 2016

  • 18.30

Place: 3rd courtyard Meeting Point

Dear visitors, fans and friends,

Would you like to know what is there to look forward to at KoresponDance 2016?

The festival showcases a selection of dance choreographies, theatre pieces, concerts and new circus performances. We have also prepared an array of creative activities for you!
We would like you to enjoy the rare character of the Žďár castle area and the festival’s pleasant family atmosphere.
The Žďár Castle and its surroundings have been constantly renovated and literally are changing before our eyes. Come to taste the conjunction of nature, woods and ponds with living arts, dance and historical artifacts in the unique interactive New Generation Museum.
Above all, we hope the KoresponDance festival will become a meeting point – let’s meet the experiences, emotions, and original performances that travelled half the world for you to see first hand. Have a glass of vine with artists from Žďár, Portugal and Mexico and get involved. Together we can create a vivid atmosphere for informal discussion, thinking and creating. You are welcome to join us!

Thanks to you KoresponDance 2016 is alive!

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