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Marta a Kim: ENGEL (pop-up version)


Have you ever wondered about the origin of your thoughts? Could you explain what consciousness is? There are different ways to perceive the world, but we keep on trying to express the inexplicable.

Circus artist Ana Jordão and dancer Kim-Jomi Fischer explore this inner struggle in their physical duet combining new circus and dance. Working with gravity, they build sensitive and unexpected, almost architectural compositions through their movement language, inviting the audience to come to terms with what we cannot explain and to embrace the multi-faceted human condition. 

The "ENGEL" pop-up version is excerpted from the original 50-minute performance.

Running time: 20 min

Venue: Museum Court

Suitable for: all ages

Language barrier-free

Creative team:

Concept, choreography: Marta Alstadsæter, Kim-Jomi Fischer

Performers: Ana Jordão, Kim-Jomi Fischer

Music: Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek)

Dramaturgy & Advice: Petra Eikelenboom, Piet Rogie, Merel Heering

With special thanks to: Vincent Kollar, Jasper v Luijk, Erik Kaiel, Andreas Eilertsen

Publicity image: Anna v Kooij

Co-produced by: Dansateliers, Podium Bloos, Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Dansearena Nord

Supported by: Eilertsen & Granados teaterkompani, Scenekunst i Nordland, Fond for lyd og bilde – kulturrådet


Marta and Kim, a Dutch/Norwegian artistic duo, seamlessly blend circus and dance in their performances. They are interested in the human connection, and use the shared human experience as a base for their partnering work. Their performances make use of simple physical metaphors and a great sense of detail to captivate audiences and evoke imagination, while staying in touch with the fragility of being human.

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